My dear, you have an incredible sound and depth. It just knocked me out.
— Sheila Jordan

A bold innovator, Adams is unafraid to explore the depth of jazz in order to find her true sound - a sound which is at once warm and lush, yet harkens back to the era of cool jazz. A classic approach with a contemporary twist, Adams' unique style is utterly compelling.

Dr. Patrick Boyle, Associate Professor of Jazz Studies at the University of Victoria, BC says, β€œShe is a consummate professional, constantly honing her craft. More than most singers, Susannah spends a great deal of time cultivating her original voice as an improviser.”



With the release of her debut album As the Morning Light, Adams has established herself as an original lyricist, composer and arranger, as well as an interpreter of jazz standards.

Born and raised in London, England, Adams now resides by the ocean in Victoria, British Columbia, with her husband and two children. She believes the world is a stage and is often found singing to the ducks as she tends to their urban farm.